Untemplated: Our Future, Now

It’s time to refresh that active idealism in us again–to harness everything for the common good of the people and the country. For nation building.

On its 35th anniversary, The Philippine STAR takes a look at how the country can rebuild and reform people’s life and livelihood greatly affected by the pandemic. As next year’s national elections are coming close to the doorstep, The STAR ventures to illustrate #TheLeaderWeNeed in the thought-provoking special “Untemplated: Our Future, Now,” with stories written by 37 writers from 35 sectors. The writers are 39 years old and below to encourage the 40 million millennials and Gen Zers, according to advocacy groups pushing for youth registration, to register up to September for the May 2022 elections.



Thought pieces and pleas–provocative and persuading–that amplify both soft and strong demands, requirements that are almost subversive, for leaders who will woe the electorate as soon as the ink in the signature on their filed certificate of candidacy in October has dried up.

Where We Are Going

The writing on the wall may say otherwise, but The Philippine STAR has good reasons to be excited about future prospects. 

Who We Are

Veteran journalists Betty Go-Belmonte, Max Soliven and Art Borjal founded The Philippine Star in 1986, laying the groundwork for a newspaper that would stand for truth and fairness.

The Story So Far

Born in the cradle of democracy’s rebirth in 1986, The Philippine STAR was founded with a singular aim: to help in nation-building.